The Art of Pamela Spika

Creating art is a personal experience. It requires years of practice, patience and observation, but it also requires your heart and soul to bring it to life. 

In 1987, I began painting professionally.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed painting with a variety of media and styles.  My “Controlled Chaos” Collection is a culmination of the last 30 years of practicing and experimenting with mixed media.  Hundreds of paintings have come to life on my easel and have found their places across the world.  My geometric abstract work shows the two sides of my personality....a little “Control”, and a little “Chaos”!


It’s true that as a person’s life evolves, so do their passions, interests and desires. 

After visiting Italy in 2017, I was once again overwhelmed by the history & sheer beauty of European art and architecture.


My new collection, “The Guardians”, arose from deep appreciation and amazement of the magnificent statues in Italy.  The Angels depicted in these inspiring statues have stood majestically for hundreds of years through times of peace and war.  Guarding…protecting. They stand strong and powerful through the worst of storms yet exude an air of grace and comfort. 

I believe we live in the presence of angels who will forever reside in our hearts and minds and show us their love in the most unexplainable, mysterious ways.  I hope you love “The Guardians” Collection and are touched by their power and beauty.

The Guardians Collections is not currently available in galleries.  Please contact Pamela Spika directly.