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Pam’s passion and curiosity for painting have won her numerous awards at some of the best art shows and festivals.  She is inspired by the movement and rhythm of patterns, bold, pleasing, vibrant colors, masterful contrasts and unpredictable asymmetry balanced by strategically placed lines.  She believes art is an expression of creativity that should bring emotion to the mind, interest to the eye, engages the viewer and should stand strongly and independently on it’s own requiring no “artsy” explanation.  She has her own very distinct style…a blend of technical, geometric precision with contemporary, lively colors….a little bit of control and a little bit of chaos!

Pam’s artistic technique involves a mixture of mediums.  She draws her designs on paper or canvas.  For some pieces, a collage of decorative papers is applied in the background.  She then textures the surface to add depth and dimension.  Once dry, she paints with acrylics and adds fine details with colored pencils, crayons and metal leafing.

Pam was born in Miles City, Montana in 1965.  She grew up in Delta, Colorado and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree cum laude from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado in 1987.  She moved to Phoenix, Arizona and painted for 11 years with Phoenix Art Group.  1998 brought a welcomed move back to Colorado where she began showcasing her work at numerous festivals throughout the year.  She has been invited to participate in two international art shows including The 18th International Art Festival in Manila Republic of the Philippines in 2009 and also the Pyeoungtaek International Art Festival in Pyeoungtaek, Korea in 2007.  Pam has been creating and selling original artwork that has become part of many public and private collections in the U.S. and abroad, including England, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Hong Kong.  She works from her studio in Parker, Colorado where she lives with her three children.

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